Pink Glass Wide Straw • Bubble Tea • Smoothie

Boba Baby by Friendly Collective

Pink Glass Wide Straw • Bubble Tea • Smoothie

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Bubble Tea • Smoothie

Length: 20.7cm
Inner diameter: 11mm
Outer diameter: 15mm
Thickness: 2mm


  • Optimal measurements from thorough research & testing 
  • COMFORTABLE 11mm inner diameter. Tapioca suction difficulty comes from ≤10mm inner diameter. Drink with enjoyment & ease.
  • TAPERED bottom end. You won't have to lift up every time for pearls/jelly/toppings. You can PRICK the plastic film of the bubble tea cup, unlike silicone straws.
  • Ideal for SENSITIVE TEETH (does not conduct temperature like metal)
  • Engraved with "Friendly Collective" and diamond logo.


  • 1x straw
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x biodegradable pull-out case
  • 1x biodegradable cloth drawstring bag


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Makes a great gift

I bought these for myself and my roommates. I was initially hesitant because I wasn't sure how easily the straws would be able to puncture the plastic seals on the drinks, but I was pleasantly surprised. I find that as long as I use a bit more force to hit the plastic seal, then it punctures very easily without any explosions (you do have to hit it harder than usual though). Another thing that initially worried me was the durability. I was afraid that keeping it in my backpack (which I'm fairly rough with) might result in it breaking since it's glass, but I've had it for 2 months now with no issues or reasons to be concerned. They're also very easy to clean with the included tool. Functionality aside, the straws are super cute and the etched diamond design is a nice touch. It's portable, user-friendly, and also aesthetically pleasing, so it would make a great gift for the boba drinker or eco-friendly fanatic in your life. I'm really glad to have this straw now because although it's just a small change, eliminating single use plastic a bit at a time still makes a difference!

The perfect gift

I ordered these and picked them up within a week, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Wish the purple was in stock but I’m still really impressed with the colour selection and the colours I got. The fact they’re clear makes it extra easy to clean out after use. Being good to the planet never looked so cute!

Great straw, can pierce plastic top, but have to use a lot of force

Straw is great, nice soft pink colour. I like that I’m not wasting so many disposable straws now. Only complaint would be that you really have to jab the straw quite hard since the glass is thicker and duller, and it kind of tears the plastic top hole wider than it would with a plastic straw. Not a major issue, just an expectations adjustment. Very happy with it!