Clear Glass Wide Straw • Bubble Tea • Smoothie

Boba Baby by Friendly Collective

Clear Glass Wide Straw • Bubble Tea • Smoothie

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Length: 20.7cm
Inner diameter: 11mm
Outer diameter: 15mm
Thickness: 2mm

Defect: some noticeable scratches.


  • Optimal measurements from thorough research & testing 
  • COMFORTABLE 11mm inner diameter. Tapioca suction difficulty comes from ≤10mm inner diameter. Drink with enjoyment & ease.
  • TAPERED bottom end. You won't have to lift up every time for pearls/jelly/toppings. You can PRICK the plastic film of the bubble tea cup, unlike silicone straws.
  • Ideal for SENSITIVE TEETH (does not conduct temperature like metal)
  • Engraved with "Friendly Collective" and diamond logo.


  • 1x straw
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x biodegradable pull-out case
  • 1x biodegradable cloth drawstring bag

Customer Reviews

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Reusable Glass Straws

These straws have been so useful in my daily life because I would usually order bubble tea. I have friends and family asking where I got my straw from and I usually tell them that I got the straw from a place in Vancouver that makes them. I gave one of my other straws to my friend because she was also a huge bubble tea fan and I didn’t want her to use plastic straws and instead use a reusable straw! These straws are just hands down amazing!

It's all in the details!

Despite the influx of new reusable products under the eventual Vancouver plastic straw ban, Boba Baby has impressed me the most with their iteration. Simply put, they've put a lot of thought into every aspect of their business and product. From the subtle branding on the glass straw itself, to the compostable packaging, and even their 1-year warranty, every little part comes together to make this a premium product that you'll be proud to own. You even have the option to pickup your order instead of shipping it, which I honestly wish more local businesses and brands would offer! Enjoy your bubble tea cravings, and be sustainable about it too!