Six Things We Are Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to give thanks and be grateful. It’s the perfect time to reflect and call upon all the things that you are thankful for!
As Tony Robbins says “Gratitude is the solution to anger and fear.”
Here are some things that the Friendly Collective team is thankful this Thanksgiving:

1. Satisfying Crunch of Walking on Crisp Leaves

During the fall (or autumn), all the red, yellow, and orange leaves make everything so much more colourful. Have you ever seen a perfectly raked pile of leaves and felt tempted to jump into it?

2. Bubble Tea

Bless the Boba gods that have given us bubble tea. We wouldn't have started Boba Baby without it! Whether it’s 50% less sugar or less ice, we appreciate all kinds of bubble tea. How about this pumpkin spice frappe with pearls
 bubble tea

3. Pumpkin everything.

Going off the previous point, if you love pumpkin-flavoured anything, then October is your month. From pumpkin spiced lattes to pumpkin pie, you can bet that October brings pumpkin-themed everything. I seriously wish pumpkin pie is a staple all year-round.

4. The Environment that We’re Lucky to Have Today

Yes, climate change is a thing. But if any time is right to make a change, then now is always the answer. Be part of that change! Despite the different factors of pollution, the nature, our home, and our health are still intact. Even making the decision to take a small step towards helping the environment is enough.

5. Family and Friends

Although it’s pretty obvious, it never hurts to give a shout out to the people that form your support system. Never forget to show them some appreciation because they deserve it! Especially your parents. When I read the The Tail End post and it made me realized the little time we have left with our parents when we move out. It gave me perspective about making sure to spend quality time with the people that I love.

6. Your support!

We are grateful for the huge support that we have received for Boba Baby so far. Thank you for joining us on the journey towards building a better future for our environment.