How to Clean and Take Care of Boba Baby Straws

What's the best way to take care of our Boba Baby straws? It's quite easy actually!

We've outlined a few guidelines to make sure that your straw stays in tip-top shape: 



1. Washing by Hand

If you are out and using your lovely straw (which you should!), then you will likely wash your straw by hand. Simply head to the nearest washroom at a cafe or restaurant and run it through hot water. If you clean it right after you've finished your drink, it's fairly easy to clean! Otherwise, use your cleaning brush to get rid of any pesky residue. 

Straw a little cloudy? Soak it in distilled vinegar then use a cleaning brush to bring it back to pristine condition. 


2. Dishwasher

Boba Baby straws are dishwasher safe! Since they are made of borosilicate glass, this means that our straws can tolerate very high or low temperatures. We would recommend separating your glass straw from other utensils to prevent any possible damage (although this is highly unlikely). 



Our Boba Baby straws includes a cloth drawstring bag and pull-out carrying case. Place the straw and cleaning brush into your cloth drawstring bag then place it into the pull-out case. Toss it into your handbag for the next time you're off to another bubble-tea run!