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Comparing the 4 Best Types Reusable Straws

There are countless options to choose for reusable straws. Cities, such as Vancouver and Seattle, are banning disposable plastic straws. Especially for drinks such as bubble tea, opting out a straw completely is not an option for many drinkers. With so many choices, which ones should you settle on? The answer of course, is mainly up to your lifestyle. How often do you use a straw? Is it for children? What drink do you drink the most? There are a lot of factors to keep in mind. All the options that we mention are reusable, much better than those pesky plastic straws!  Source: Silicone straws First up are silicone straws. They typically come in with different colours and soft in texture. ...

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How to Clean and Take Care of Boba Baby Straws

What's the best way to take care of our Boba Baby straws? It's quite easy actually! We've outlined a few guidelines to make sure that your straw stays in tip-top shape:    Cleaning 1. Washing by Hand If you are out and using your lovely straw (which you should!), then you will likely wash your straw by hand. Simply head to the nearest washroom at a cafe or restaurant and run it through hot water. If you clean it right after you've finished your drink, it's fairly easy to clean! Otherwise, use your cleaning brush to get rid of any pesky residue.  Straw a little cloudy? Soak it in distilled vinegar then use a cleaning brush to bring it back...

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